Frequently Asked Questions!


To help players and stores understand The Province League, I thought I would provide a brief FAQ that should help answer most general questions about the Series. You will find similar language across the site in various sections, but condensing information here should serve as a good resource for anyone curious about the League. Thanks for reading!

1) Just ELI5, what is this thing?

The Province League is a community run tournament series designed to provide supplemental opportunities for medium to large scale competitive L5R at the store level. Stores purchase Prize Kits from, and run events using the Kit as prize support similar to official FFG OP Kits.

2) What makes it different from official FFG offerings?

Supplementary is the operative word here. Through conversations with the community, some stores have expressed a desire/need for more L5R tournaments, or could use a jumpstart to revive a stagnant playerbase. Province League events are flexible, one-off tournaments designed to fit easily into your store’s event schedule. Through unique prizes and other persistent rewards like point tracking and clan challenges, Province League events seek to grow your existing playerbase or revive a stagnant one.

3) What is the process, as simply as possible?

The Province League follows a Purchase/Play/Report model.

Step 1 involves figuring out if Province League events are right for you. If you are a player, talk to your store about running an event, and get a head count of expected participants. If you are a store, get a pre-reg sheet going and reach out early so I can help you market your event through various social platforms.

Step 2 is simply purchasing a Kit of your desired size through Follow the prompts at checkout to give me relevant store info like directions and event date; I will use this info to help you promote your event up to your player cap! Kits are shipped within a few days depending on state of inventory, but as a best practice most events should be scheduled at least two weeks out from Kit order.

Step 3 is Event Day! Be sure to follow the tournament structure (Swiss plus cut to Single Elim) and prize distribution guidelines outlined here. Make sure to collect clan information from every player and Top 4 decklists, along with final standings (Champion headshot optional) to have your event featured in a writeup published on various Province League social media. This serves to grow the community and helps market your store to potential new customers!

4) Why should my players be excited?

One of the primary goals of the Province League was to provide something exciting for all types of players.

Competitive players looking for challenging tournament experiences will be drawn to exclusive Top Cut rewards like the custom element ring tokens, etched playmats and the Champion Deckbox. In addition, a persistent leaderboard culminating in an invitation-only annual event offers an incentive for multiple event participation.

Casual players will enjoy participation prizes and door prizes distributed at the discretion of the tournament organizer, and clan rewards offered to top finishers outside of the Cut. Clan performance is tracked for end of season bragging rights!

5) What are the plans for The Province League long-term?

As long as players are interested, The Province League will be here. The intent will be to bring other community makers into the fold to provide exclusive prize support of their own to keep events exciting and prevent ‘market saturation’. Integration with official FFG tournaments like Koteis have been discussed and is on the table assuming the community is interested.


That’s it for today, but if you have any questions please feel free to reach out on Discord or the Facebook group! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in the League.


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