Announcing The Province League!


Today I’m proud to announce “The Province League” an international ‘in paper’ tournament series/circuit for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game! 


Province League events will be held regularly at participating local games stores as a supplement to the official large-scale competitive Kotei tournaments. The series is designed to offer something for everyone, casual players will get an opportunity to play larger scale events at local stores, and competitive players will enjoy competing for robust prizes and can track their ranking through an Online Leaderboard. Events will be within driving distance, awesome prizes will be given for participation, performance and clan loyalty, and above all entry fee will be cheap! ($10-$15 depending on size of event).

To kick the series off I will be creating unique products to offer as prize support through my ArchitectGaming line of tokens/accessories for L5R. As things get going I plan on bringing in other community members and rotating products in and out to keep things new and fresh for everyone. I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to help with startup costs for this endeavor, more details on that will follow, but basically I’ll be offering a bunch of exclusive product at a significant discount from my retail prices to get things off the ground, and of course reward you guys for your support!

The goal of this series and the Kickstarter is to grow the community and cover costs, NOT to profit from the community. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find the right balance between prize support and entry fee and want to ensure that hosting these events will be profitable for local stores. Please note: The Province League seeks to enrich the Organized Play environment for L5R, NOT compete with it. Hosting these events at local stores will help to grow the grassroots community of casual players, and make it easier for players to attend. Offering more opportunities to play larger scale events will serve as a stepping stone for players ‘on the fence’ about investing travel/expense to Kotei events. The Province League seeks to grow the game at all levels through cooperation with local stores, Cascade and FFG.

More info is coming, but for now here is a breakdown of an example 32-player, $15 entry, 5 round event with cut to Top 8. After much consideration I elected to remove the Challenger system used at Koteis to keep the event at 5 swiss + 3 cut rounds, making it possible to run the whole thing on a single weekend day. Instead, I’ll be offering special prizes to top of clan competitors that didn’t make the cut. For Season 1, that means exclusive ‘Province League themed’ clan honor dials! 16 and 64 player event variations are in development, as well as alternative formats (two-day, teams, draft).


Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts, and be sure to follow my group page for more info (link to page in comments). I’ll see you in the League!