What is The Province League?

Read on below for a synopsis of this exciting new tournament series for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, or check out the Links page for a detailed, downloadable PDF brief that explains the series and our unique approach step by step. Be sure to support the Kickstarter!



The idea to start a player-run tournament series for L5R began in the midst of the Toshi Ranbo (Year 1) season of Organized Play. Through discussions with the community it became apparent that players wanted an opportunity to play competitive L5R in 'large' events, but were being held back from attending the official Koteis due to a variety of factors. The Province League takes inspiration from what the official Kotei series 'does right' (event structure, prize model) and looks to improve in some areas where the Kotei series falls short (cost, frequency, distance).


Prizes + Entry

Province League events are held at local game stores internationally, and stores have the freedom to schedule events that fit local demand. The goal is for players to have multiple opportunities to participate in a Province League event within reasonable driving distance in a month. Stores can purchase Province League Event Kits for their desired event size (16, 32 + 64 player options are available). Province League prize support packages are designed to provide enticing prizes for everyone while maintaining a low entry fee ($10-$15). For detailed images of all prizes check out the Gallery, for a detailed breakdown on pricing and prize support for various event sizes click here, and if you wish to purchase a Kit check out the Store!



The goal of The Province League is to grow the L5R community by providing more opportunities for tournament play for all players.  The Province League seeks to enrich the Organized Play environment for L5R, NOT compete with it. Hosting these events at local stores will help to grow the grassroots community of casual players, and make it easier for players to attend. Offering more opportunities to play larger scale events will serve as a stepping stone for players ‘on the fence’ about investing travel/expense to Kotei events. The Province League seeks to grow the game at all levels through cooperation with local stores, Cascade and FFG.