The Province League
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a player run tournament series for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card game

The Province League


What is The Province League?

The Province League is a player-run tournament series for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games.

These exciting new events will be held regularly at participating local games stores as a supplement to the official large-scale competitive Kotei tournaments.

Players can compete for glory, unique (and valuable!) prizes, and track their rankings through an online Leaderboard. The series is designed to offer something for everyone, casual and competitive players alike are welcome. The more the merrier!


Why Is It Special?

The Province League is an experiment. Can a playerbase - with support from local stores and community makers - join together to provide exciting, competitive, inexpensive, accessible tournaments on a regular basis for players to participate in?

The Province League will offer mid to large sized events regularly and within driving distance, with unique and exciting prizes for participation and performance, all for an entry fee ($10-$15 based on event size) that won't break the bank!


What Can I Win?

The Province League aims to reward participants with unique community-made tokens to display your accomplishments. Door and participation prizes ensure everyone gets something, and further prizes will be rewarded based on event performance, a model that will appeal to causal and competitive players alike!

Furthermore, competitive players can track their individual or clan's season performance through a regularly updated Leaderboard, and compete for an opportunity to play in the Province League Championship.




To get this series off the ground I have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help me fund a lasercutter to provide prize support, organize events for the community and maintain this website. As soon as the Kickstarter is fulfilled I will start producing Kits for stores to run events. Please support my Kickstarter campaign here! Be sure to check out the rewards for Kickstarter backers, for your support I'll be sending you a lot of good stuff!

If you are a player, talk to your local store about purchasing a Province League Prize Kit and running an event. If you are a store owner, click here! If you want to browse products, learn more information or check in on Province League events, be sure to check out our About, Store, Links, and Articles pages!